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Sustainable strong growth in volume of commercial goods increasingly drives governments to provide better communications between traders and Customs authorities whilst intensifying international security concerns after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 immensely urges governments to assess & control the impact of border risk that may have the potential to cause significant threat from incoming shipments. These make advance electronic presentation of all cargo information (Master and House Air Waybill information) mandatory.

Cost, complexity, and set up inconsistency hinder the ability of carriers to connect directly with various Customs systems worldwide in an effort to achieve an electronic transmission of cargo information. The fact that a one-stop integrated automated Customs clearance system capable of complying with different Customs regulations provides greater flexibility, higher operational efficiencies and saves more compliance costs than carrier's individual system connecting to a wide range of disparate and disconnected Customs clearance systems.

The goals of developing Ezycustoms™, a one-stop integrated electronic multi-Customs clearance platform, are therefore to let carriers realize higher operational efficiencies, information integrity & accuracy level, and reduced costs of subsequent penalties & sanctions, as well as improved data security.